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Many people drink coffee every day, and for some that means as many as four cups per day. Since it seems like almost everyone drinks coffee, you might be curious about what all of the different types of coffee are called. If you’re a die-hard coffee purist who only drinks single origin beans or a San Francisco connoisseur who has mastered the art of DIY lattes, then this article is not for you. However, if you just like your caffeine black, white, or decaf and would like to know more about what kind of coffee is available in the marketplace then keep reading!
Coffee is one of the most popular beverages on earth and with such a vast array There are many different ways to brew your coffee. The most common methods are french press and automatic drip but there are many other methods. Here we’ll take a look at what those terms mean and how you can brew your own perfect cup of

French Press

A French press, also known as a cafetiֳ¨re, is the most common way to prepare coffee when using ground beans. The French press is made of thin-walled glass and metal, with a mesh filter at the top. To make coffee, hot water is added to the grounds in the bottom of the device. The grounds are pressed against the sides of the filter by means of a plunger which sits on top.
When preparing coffee in a traditional French press, one must be careful not to overfill it or use too much pressure while pressing down on the plunger because this can lead to an uneven extraction of flavors and potentially cause a mess. This technique is best suited for stronger coffees that require more vigorous brewing methods such as dark-roast beans that require extra time to extract their flavor profile.


Automatic drip coffee is a process where water and the ground coffee are poured into a filter. The filter brews the coffee, which is then dispensed through the same spigot that you used to pour in the water and ground beans. Using an automatic drip machine is easier than making coffee by hand as you can easily make multiple cups of coffee at once. It’s important to use good quality beans with this type of machine as they will produce better tasting coffee.

Espresso Machine

Espresso is a coffee, or rather an espresso, that’s prepared using pressure and finely ground coffee. For the machine to produce this type of coffee, it must be equipped with a pump and particular valves. Like most other espresso machines, it also has a boiler. The espresso is produced by forcing heated water under pressure through finely ground coffee in the portafilter below the group head at high velocities, which produces many small bubbles.
There are different types of espresso cups, but for most quality espresso lovers there’s one type that should be on everyone’s coffee-drinking radar: Chemex. Invented by chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 and designed by industrial designer Fredrick Day while they were working together at the Geberit company in Switzerland-Chemex is a pour-over brewing system that uses paper filters to steep grounds into your desired flavor profile. Instead of steeping grounds in boiling water you steep them uniformly over time making Chemex ideal for when you’re looking for lighter body and delicate flavor notes like espressos have.

Drip Coffee Brewer

A drip coffee brewer is a type of coffee maker that creates what is known as drip coffee. With high-quality beans, the machine slowly brews hot water which contains the ground beans. The water then filters through the grinds creating a flavorful and fresh cup of joe. This method produces a strong and robust flavor as opposed to some methods like espresso or Turkish coffee which are just brewed with boiling water to concentrate the flavors

Sumo Coffee Maker

A Sumo coffee maker, also known as a French press coffee maker, is a type of coffee brewing device that uses two different filters to separate the grounds and the brewed coffee. The grounds are filtered in one container and the brewed coffee is filtered in another.
The most common type of filter used by these machines is called a “cloth” or “filter” which consists of either metal mesh or fine cloth; both types of filters produce a crema. The other filter is sometimes made of ceramic but more often glass, metal, or plastic. It’s important for these filters to be able to hold back any sediments that may have been lost during the process because otherwise your cup will be gritty.
Coffee makers such as this can be bought with either an insulated thermal carafe or a non-insulated one (usually glass). Some makers also come with an automatic timer which brews your coffee when you wake up or when you leave for work in order to prevent any burning or bitterness from taking place while the machine is unattended.
The advantages of using this type of brewer are that there is no scorching involved and little risk for over-brewing – meaning it’s perfect for everyday use! One disadvantage can be the noise generated by these machines – depending on how sensitive you are to sounds, you may want to invest in some good ear plugs!

Turkish Coffee Maker

The most common and popular way to brew coffee is using a french press. A french press uses a metal filter, coffee grounds and water to create coffee that’s more concentrated than what you would find at a cafe. If you enjoy the taste of your coffee from a french press but want a slightly stronger brew, then you can try cold-brewing. This process allows for a stronger flavor extraction by putting the ice into the mixture before brewing. For those who don’t want to fuss with making their own pour over, there are plenty of pre-made cold-brews on the market that are ready to go!
Coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. So if you’re looking for one with character or something special, check out this list of amazing coffee makers on Amazon!


The list of coffee cups is extensive and no two are alike. This is because they all serve a different purpose. So, when you ask what a “coffee cup” is called, you’re really asking what kind of bottled beverage it is.
Coffee cups are typically referred to as a “coffee pot” or “coffee maker” when being used for a specific type of brewing: French Press, Autocoffee, Espresso Machine, Drip Coffee Brewer, Sumo Coffee Maker, and Turkish Coffee Maker.


What are the different types of coffee?

There are a number of different types of coffee, and there are a lot of terms used to describe them.

From light roast to French press, below is a list of some of the most common terms used to describe coffee:

Light roast – A light roast coffee has beans that have been roasted for a shorter period than a regular roast coffee. The resulting brew has a lighter flavor than a regular roast.

Aromatic – Aroma refers to the smell that is produced when coffee beans are roasting. It is a complex mixture that can vary depending on the coffee variety or roast level. It ranges from fruity to earthy, with hints of fruit and tobacco added. Some people find aromatic coffee more appealing than others.

Arabica – This type of coffee is grown in Latin American countries like Colombia and Brazil. It tends to have more body and layers in its taste than other types of coffee beans. Arabica is commonly used in espresso blends due to its unique taste and smell.

Arabica Robusta – Robusta coffee is from the same plant as arabica, but it has been selectively bred over many generations to be more disease resistant. It has fewer layers in its taste and can be harder on the palate than arabica. It is often used to make espresso blends because it can produce a strong cup with less caffeine than arabica varieties.

Ancho – An ancho is a type of mild-flavored coffee bean that can be found in both roasts and blends. They are commonly used in Mexican cuisine due to their rich earthy taste, which pairs perfectly with chocolate and spices.

After you have read the above Info, answer the Question below using your understanding of it.

What are the benefits of each type of coffee?

There are hundreds of different coffee varieties, but the most common types are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans come from
Costa Rica,
El Salvador,
Honduras, and Mexico. Robusta beans come from
The Democratic Republic of the Congo,
Ethiopia and Tanzania.

What are the different types of beans used for coffee?

There are numerous types of coffee beans from more than 95 different countries around the world. In some locations such as Africa, coffee beans are plucked from the tree and sun dried before being ground into loose powder for use. In some other locations such as Central America, coffee beans are fermented then dried. The two main types of coffee beans are arabica beans and robusta beans. Arabica beans are most commonly used in the production of premium coffee while robusta beans are used in the production of regular coffee.

Coffee plants are grown on every continent except Antarctica although they grow better in tropical regions. Arabica and robusta both grow wild as well as planted in tens of thousands of small lots that produce 2-3 plants per lot. Each plant produces around 100-500 cups of green beans per year per plant.

Very few people have the knowledge or equipment to separate the two types of beans from their respective fruit which is why 99% of the world’s coffee is produced from one type, arabica, which fetches a higher price.

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